Moravian College Magazine Summer 2019

Kahron Walker ‘17


Moravian College track standout, Kahron Walker ‘17, living in Philadelphia and working at the Federal Reserve.

Simply. Great. Images.

Creative amazement...

This site is a portion of my life's passions. I’m sharing in hopes of booking an assignment (let’s be honest) and as an extension of my creativity. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, choosing excellent words is also important. Anything else is just noise. I aim for creating outstanding images that speak your voice of your passion! we'll have a few hundred prior to capture.

If you're looking for an image screaming your name, your passion, your vision, I hope mine inspire and evoke ideas leading us working together; we'll start with a conversation or two. If you're just here to peruse...please be my guest!

These images do not represent the entirety of my work. If you don't see something, ask. I welcome to discussing the possibilities of capturing the best possible image for your usage. Think big, shoot big!

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