Creative amazement...

This site is a portion of my life's passion. Sharing this with you in hope of booking an assignment (I’m going to be very honest) and as an extension of my creative energy. It's a work in progress and is ever-changing.

I believe in being fair - both to myself and to my clients. So, discussions on assignment details and expectations are important prior to pricing. 90% of all problems in the world are birthed from poor communication. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, we'll have a few hundred to get it right prior to the shutter snap. In the end it boils down to having healthy relationships with my clients and producing the best possible images.


If you're looking for an image screaming your name, your passion, your vision, I hope my images inspire and evoke ideas leading to us working together; we'll start with a conversation or two. If you're just here to peruse and enjoy...please be my guest.

These images do not represent the entirety of my work. If you don't see something, ask. I'll probably be more than open to discussing the possibilities of capturing the best possible image for your usage. Think big, shoot big!