Wary and captivated, a young Burkinabe boy outside a Sunday church service. Burkina Faso, Africa.

Peter Keady

A long time ago…

I've been taking pictures for over 30 years. I started out in journalism working for newspapers in Florida and then here in Easton, Pa. After a bit I went on my own creating images for editorial, corporate and commercial accounts. I was with Black Star Picture Agency in NYC, internationally published and quite productive. I've photographed for Lafayette College and Lehigh UniversityHasbro Toys, Allied Signal and Family Circle Magazine. I climbed up the editorial ladder with interviews at Sports Illustrated, People and Time Magazine. I had a photo essay, a boy with severe asthma, considered for publication in LIFE Magazine. Then, my career path shifted considerably. It's a long story better told over a cup of coffee.

I do love coffee!

Today, I've come full circle! My passion for photography rekindled; I’m enjoying it more than ever! The advancement into the digital age is a good one with so much more creative possibilities than years ago.

I love shooting just about everything. From graphic abstracts to location portraits; business branding and travel as well. I love light and I love life. I'm looking forward to working for you, collaborating with you.

The legendary Canon 200/1.8

The legendary Canon 200/1.8

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There are many people whom I deeply respect, who've shown me what it means to live truly good, human lives. All of them have breathed deeply into my life. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and walks. This is my tribute to them. Please visit their sites, read their books, drink their coffee. Yes, I'm even going to mention a few photographers who eclipse me by far and I would carry their gear any day of the week. There are countless individuals who've breathed into me. I'm truly grateful for all of you. This is the short list.

- Michael Carlebach • Ed EcksteinLynn Johnson • Michael AnthonyDaniel Johnson • Marisa DeJesus • Michael Prince • Paul Schlader • Bob Poole -